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Cyprus The Republic of Cyprus combines a strategic geographic location with robust business services. Cyprus is at the eastern-most corner of the European Union with easy access to the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The island is distinguished by its well-educated and highly-skilled workforce proficient in a wide variety of business, science, technology and service specialisations. The country’s modern infrastructure and telecommunication system supports optimal business operations complemented by 300 days of pleasant weather annually. Having the lowest tax regime in the EU makes Cyprus your best choice for international and local business.


Organisation Corporation Cyprus brings together high-calibre corporate, accounting, tax, and business operations consulting specialists to provide a comprehensive platform for all clients. With a combined experience of more than 60 years in a wide spectrum of corporate enterprises, our highly-skilled team delivers judicious guidance, and agile management to keep pace with the dynamic business environment. We stand by our commitment and belief that your Business is Our Business, providing high-quality personalized attention for all your trade and corporate requirements.


Services Focusing on local and global business needs, we provide clients expert guidance for complying with regulatory and best practice requirements covering Accounting, Auditing, Tax, Corporate (company formation, management, secretarial and other services), Finance and Business Consulting. Our bespoke professional services provide vital support and value-building strategies to facilitate a competitive edge in the market. CorporationCyprus assists in investment portfolio appraisals and Cyprus residency requisites. The firm applies international policies and procedures and implements additional policies and procedures designed to meet local obligations as well as applicable legal and other requirements.

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Having developed “Business is our Business” as our firm’s motto, we ensure that we provide our clients with premium quality professional services by addressing their exact business needs.

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    Chris Constantinides & Associates offers a wide range of Residency Solutions and all the necessary informations about Tax Facts and Double Taxation Treaties..

    Who we are →
  • We offer high-calibre corporate, accounting, tax, and business operations consulting specialists to provide a comprehensive platform for all clients.

  • We provide excellent services in regards to acquisition of Long-Term Residence Permit in Cyprus, Acquisition of Permanent Residence Permit in Cyprus and acquisition of Cyprus Citizenship..

  • We offer tax information and figures based on the current tax legislation that is in practise as at January 2013.


What We Do

Company Formation and a full package of other related Business Services from professionals in the field of the Accounting, Auditing and Business Advisory profession whose origins date back to 1970.


Many opportunities exist for the establishment of new offices or branches in Cyprus, taking advantage of its geographical position, its membership of the European Union, as well as its good relations with Middle Eastern, European Countries.


CorporationCyprus is a combination of Corporate, Accounting, Tax and Consulting Services offered by Chris Constantinides & Associate.

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